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10 Tips to Presenting in a Professional and Confident Manner

Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills – 10 Tips to Presenting in a Professional and Confident Manner

  1. Don’t be afraid to improvise! It can be very difficult to memorize your information and could actually throw you off and disrupt your train of thought. There are several fun improvisation games you can do to practice;
  2. If you forget something, unless it’s critical, just move on! Chances are, nobody but you will know you missed anything;
  3. Keep your shoulders back and your head up so you can look ahead both while you walk to your spot and while you present. If you start out exuding confidence, your audience will think you’re an “expert” before you even speak;
  4. Don’t write out your speech or bring notes with you. If you do, you will rely on them when you likely don’t need to. Remember, you’re the presenter, you know what you’re talking about and more importantly, you’re the only one who knows your speech;
  5. If you can use visuals (e.g., PowerPoint) do so. It will give your audience something to look at besides you, making you feel more comfortable and will also keep your audience engaged;
  6. Display key points, relevant images, and labeled graphs rather than large amounts of text that are hard to read and distract from you;
  7. Establish a comfortable relationship with your audience right from the start with a simple greeting, including your name;
  8. Divide your audience into thirds and give each section equal attention;
  9. Don’t use movement for emphasis! Pacing can distract your audience but if you’re giving a long presentation, movement can help keep your audience engaged. Divide your presentation into three to four key parts and move on transitions in between topics; and
  10. If an audience member asks you a question that you can’t figure out how to answer, simply say you’re not sure and will look into it. If you don’t know the answer, chances are that most people, maybe even nobody there, does. Don’t let audience interruptions side track you or throw you off, just move on quickly.

The Law & Management Resource Center provides presentation skills coaching and review that can be customized for your needs. Presentation skills coaching helps business professionals become more confident and effective in communicating information. Mock presentations can be created and evaluated. Written and visual aids (e.g., PowerPoint slides) can be developed or reviewed for effectiveness as part of a coaching plan or individually as separate project work.

For more information about our presentation skills coaching and review service and to receive more tips on how to present in a professional and confident manner, please visit us https://lmrcenter.com and contact us at https://lmrcenter.com/Contact.html. 

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