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2018 Mid Year Employment Law Update

2018 Mid Year Employment Law Update

What You Need to Know

Get important information on updated employment laws and case decisions.  The information provided is a brief summary of key points of these laws and decisions. Please feel free to contact us for complete information and answers to any questions you have.

Click here to open our PDF: 2018 Mid-Year Employment Update

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To contact us for complete details or a quote for your business, click here: Contact. Or, call us toll-free at (833) 753-1775 today.

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Affordable Employment Law and Human Resource Services in California

Platinum Package – Our Most Popular Plan

Starts at Just $249 per Month

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What’s in the Package?

UNLIMITED Consultation – Employment Law, Human Resources and Management

COMPLETE Custom Employee Handbook Drafted or Reviewed and Updated

FULL ACCESS to Online Harassment/Bullying Prevention Training for ALL Employees and ALL Supervisors

Why Is Our Platinum Package So Popular?

Increase Efficiency and Effectiveness – Get answers to your questions quickly – without having to spend precious time searching and wondering if the information you find is complete and verified.

Reduce Legal Risks – Our clients receive more than just answers to questions. They receive strategic advice about how to apply the law and reduce the risks of costly and time-consuming claims.

Piece of Mind – Know you can trust the information you receive – because we’re qualified to provide it! Our employment law and human resource services are provided by experienced in-house, licensed attorneys who are also experienced human resource professionals. Help with business management needs is fulfilled with the additional expertise and knowledge of an MBA consultant.

Minimize Costs With No Hourly Fees and No Time Limits – Clients can contact us as often as they need to – with no hourly fees and no time limits – for the entire year!

Of Course, It’s Nice to Know What Our Clients Say, Too

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Save Money, Reduce Risks and Build a Dedicated, Productive Workforce

Let the Law and Management Resource Center be your one-stop resource for human resource, employment law and business management needs.

Get it all at an affordable cost! 

Learn More and Contact Us for a Quote Today!

Learn more about us at Law & Management Resource Center.

To contact us for complete details or a quote for your business, click here: Contact. Or, call us toll-free at (833) 753-1775 today.

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Free $50 Visa Gift Card

From now until December 31, 2015, when you sign-up for any of the following services, you receive a FREE Visa Gift Card worth $50!*
That’s right, you get a FREE $50 gift card that you can use anywhere Visa Gift Cards are accepted. Share some joy with friends, family, and co-workers or indulge yourself (we won’t tell!). It’s our gift to you so you can treat yourself this holiday season.

Your FREE $50 Visa Gift Card is available if you contract for any of the following services by December 31, 2015:
Human resources, employment law, and business management annual consultation plan (plans start as low as $125 per month),
Online harassment prevention training for 20 or more employees or supervisors,
Performance management training,
Interview coaching,
Marketing and presentation skills coaching, or
Updated or new employment law handbook.

For more information and to receive your gift, please contact Jillian Bruni, MBA at jillian@lmrcenter.com or 858-753-1775.

*limit one card per customer

Spring Clean Your Workplace

3 Ways to Spring Clean Your Workplace

  1. Streamline: Nowadays, there are many ways to market your business – website, business app, social media, etc. It’s important that your business maintains a consistent and professional appearance via all marketing outlets. Otherwise, your business can look disorganized and unprofessional.
  2. Modernize: Make sure your business is taking advantage of all the latest, modern ways to market your business. Business apps and whiteboard animation videos are great ways to “stay with the times” while also optimizing your search engine visibility and impressing and connecting with current and potential customers.
  3. Hire Well: Your business needs to have a team of employees that will make it the most successful it can be. Hiring the right people can be difficult, time consuming, and an overall daunting task but receiving proper interview coaching that includes learning what questions are best to ask, what questions you can legally ask, analysis of resumes, and public speaking coaching is vital.

For more information and to enroll in any of our services, including business apps, whiteboard animation, and interview coaching, contact Jillian Bruni, MBA at jillian@lmrcenter.com or 858-753-1775.

Business App for Only $539!

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Deadline Extended!

Due to popularity, Instant App Coder has extended the deadline to receive a 10% discount on your business app! You now have until February 6, 2015!

Don’t forget to modernize your business and market yourself in a way that can actually help! Are you reaching all the potential clients you can? Are you making sure you stay in touch with the clients you have? Are your clients marketing your business for you without even knowing? In today’s world of ever-changing technology, it’s vital to keep every aspect of your business modern and up-to-date. Technology doesn’t just affect your products and services, but also your marketing and how you connect to current and potential clients.

For those looking to modernize, mobilize, and establish long-term relationships with potential and current clients (this should be all of you!), we have developed a collaborative relationship with Instant App Coder as part of our business management services.

Instant App Coder develops apps for businesses who want to increase their client base, increase their visibility on the web, and increase their revenue while they sleep. Apps are a modern and innovative way for you to market your business to millions of people throughout the world and reach your target market easier than ever. As more and more people use their smartphone as their primary source of internet access, having a mobile presence is quickly becoming a mandatory practice.  Apps can also leverage important features like GPS and push notifications, which instantly notify customers of promotions and discounts. Not only that, but mobile apps have a HUGE impact on SEO.  Apps are indexed on thousands of webpages across the world and link back to your business website. This link-back effect significantly boosts your ranking in search engines and can push your website, and the app itself, to the top of the search results. In addition, Instant App Coder‘s team of in-house graphic designers can make you look your best and stand out over your competition for much less than you may think!

Apps can include but are not limited to the following information:

  • About Your Business: information, services, products (e.g., catalogues, menus), etc.;
  • Contact: address on an expandable map that pinpoints your location, gives directions, and allows people to call and email directly with just one touch;
  • Promotions: upcoming promotions (e.g., discounts, coupons) loaded automatically from your website;
  • Customer Loyalty Program: keeps customer retention high;
  • Sharing: allows customers to actually advertise for you and refer their friends and family by easily posting on their Facebook timeline that they used your business;
  • Referral Program: Connected to Facebook posts;
  • Resources: informational documents, forms, etc.; and
  • Rating: customers are prompted to rate the app, whereby good ratings can help increase your SEO.​

An app including all 8 of the above normally costs only $599 but if you contact us at information@instantappcoder.com or fill out a form for your business at www.instantappcoder.com by February 6, 2015, you can have it for only $539. That’s right, due to popularity, the deadline has been extended but only by 1 week so don’t hesitate. and use the Promo Code IACLMRC1 to receive a 10% discount and get your app for only $539!

Networking and Informational Roundtables – San Diego

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Networking and Informational Roundtables

The Law & Management Resource Center’s networking and informational roundtables are a way for individuals and businesses to make valuable connections, receive helpful tips, information, and news, and be invited to special presentations by reputable industry professionals. Our three roundtables are Human Resources, Business Management, and Presentation Skills. Meetings will begin in the beginning of 2015 visit the Contact page on our website and let us know you’re interested today!

Marketing Yourself and Your Business – Presentation and Public Speaking Skills Coaching Discount

Presentation and Public Speaking Skills Coaching – 20% Discount!
Market Yourself and Your Business in a Professional and Confident Manner
  Go from this   to this 
◊ Ever worry about speaking up or having to answer questions during a meeting? ◊
◊ Does the idea of making a presentation or speech make you anxious? ◊
◊ Wish you felt more confident when trying to make a business connection or sale? ◊
You are not alone! But we can help! Let us help you stop feeling anxious and start feeling excited!
The Law & Management Resource Center’s presentation skills coaching services help business professionals become more confident and effective in communications. This can help in several aspects of business, from appearing knowledgeable and professional in a meeting to being charismatic and persuasive when making a presentation or sale. Our services can help you look and feel more confident, in any situation – casual to formal settings, one-on-one meetings to small or large groups.
All coaching is provided by a highly qualified and experienced MBA consultant who has received numerous accolades for both presentations and presentation coaching.
Services include:
 • creation or review of written and visual aids (e.g., PowerPoint slides)
 • development and evaluation of mock (practice) presentations
Coaching can be provided as part of a comprehensive plan or on individual projects starting at as little as $149.99 per hour.
For more information on the Law & Management Resource Center’s presentation skills coaching, as well as our other services, contact me at jillian@lmrcenter.com or 858-753-1775 and visitwww.lmrcenter.com. If you enroll by September 19, 2014, you will receive a 20% discount!
As part of our special collaborative relationship with Instant App Coder, those who participate in our presentation skills coaching will receive a 10% discount on any products at Instant App Coder purchased by September 26, 2014. Instant App Coder can help you affordably and effectively market your business by instantly boosting your visibility across the web and on mobile devices through local search engine optimization (seo) with iPhone/iPad apps, Android apps, and E-books. Each product purchase includes free consultation on how to implement the product into your marketing strategies. Visit www.instantmodernization.com for more information.
You’re invited to visit our blog at https://lmrcenter.wordpress.com/2014/07/01/presentation-skills/ for 10 Tips to Presenting in a Professional and Confident Manner!
You can also follow the LMR Center LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/company/law-&-management-resource-center-lmrc- and LMR Center Blog at https://lmrcenter.wordpress.com/ to receive helpful tips, information and discount opportunities.
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