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Find the answers to business management, human resources, business and employment law questions in the game below. Some answers can be found on our website at https://lmrcenter.com. Everyone who emails jillian@lmrcenter.com with all of the correct answers will receive a 10% discount on each product/service purchased/enrolled in within one week of notification of answering correctly*. Don’t wait, offer expires August 22, 2014!

1) Fill in the Blanks: Law & Management Resource Center’s _______________ _______________ coaching helps business professionals become more confident and effective in communicating information.

2) Fill in the Blanks: Law & Management Resource Center’s employee handbook templates can be used to create your employee handbook based on your organization’s _______________ _______________ and _______________.

3) True or False: Law & Management Resource Center’s on-site training can be customized to meet the needs of your business, foster communication, and strengthen teamwork among employees.

4) True or False: In July 2014, the San Diego City Council voted to steadily increase minimum wage to $11.50 an hour in 2017.

5) Puzzle: Click on the image below and find the name of a business management, human resources, business and employment law firm who’s staff has educational backgrounds including juris doctor (JD), MBA, Master in Education Administration, and the specialized field of Human Complex Systems:


Law & Management Resource Center

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5 Reasons Why Having an Up-to-Date Employee Handbook is Important

Employee Handbooks

5 Reasons Why Having an Up-to-Date Employee Handbook is Important

  1. New employment laws are frequently enacted and current laws are frequently changed and updated, making it important for businesses to regularly update their workplace practices and policies to be in compliance.
  2. Employee handbooks inform employees of their rights and establish a record of what is expected and required of the employer and its employees. Because employee handbooks must be legally compliant, they should always accurately reflect current laws and properly state all required policies.
  3. Out-of-date and improperly worded policies can create employer-employee issues and expose a business to liability.
  4. If an employee claim arises or litigation is commenced, a flawed handbook can help establish liability and destroy potential defenses.
  5. Without a properly worded and up-to-date employee handbook, courts and government agencies can be led to believe that a business is not focused on compliance with legal requirements – placing both the individual responsible for compliance and his or her business in a compromising position.

If your employee handbook has not been recently updated to reflect new laws, we can help – and it will cost a lot less than you might think!  The Law & Management Resource Center provides the following employee handbook service options, all of which are provided by licensed attorneys who are also experienced HR professionals.

  • Employee Handbook Template – receive a complete employee handbook template for just $249. Our template can be used to create your employee handbook based on your organization’s employment practices and rules. Various options are provided for different practices (e.g., pay day options, hours required for full-time status, PTO, vacation time and/or sick time accrual and accrual caps). Assistance and advice from our consultants on choosing options is also available at low hourly rates.
  • New employee handbook drafting – clients receive a completely new, customized employee handbook tailored to their business or organization accompanied by consultation with our attorneys and HR professionals on how to implement necessary policies.
  • Employee handbook review/revision – our attorneys review and update current employee handbooks. Clients simply send a copy of their current handbook and we do the rest.

For more information or to get started today, please visit the Law & Management Resource Center at https://lmrcenter.com and contact us at https://lmrcenter.com/Contact.html.

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