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The Law and Management Resource Center has been teaching clients to replace the typical single annual review system of performance management with a system of real performance management for years. With a number of large corporations having recently reported the elimination of annual performance evaluations, substantial press has been generated about the efficacy of the standard process.

Performance management consisting of a single annual evaluation frequently fails to accurately assess year-long performance by reflecting mostly, if not only, on recent concerns or successes. Annual performance reviews are often perceived by employees to be centered on criticism. As a result, they can fail to foster employee and employer growth and instead lead to poor morale and animosity, and they sometimes lead to employee claims against supervisors for unfair treatment. Without an accurate and well-documented record of year-long performance, supervisors are often unable to provide sufficient evidence to defend against these claims.

Recent studies have revealed that more than 9 out of 10 supervisors are not satisfied with the annual performance review system currently used in their workplaces. Almost the same numbers of Human Resource professionals contend that the systems used in their workplaces fail to yield accurate assessments.

Without a feasible alternative, many workplaces continue to use processes that are considered overly time-consuming, cumbersome, ineffective, de-motivating, unsettling sources of distrust and contention between supervisors and their employees, and vessels that can invite claims of discrimination and retaliation. As a result, the process often doesn’t happen on time, if it at all. While being one of the most important aspects of every supervisor’s job, performance management becomes one of the most overlooked aspects of management.

Employers are seeking a smart alternative and we’ve got one.

We believe performance management should be a process that supports positive employee development and productivity through steady employee participation. Objectives should be directed at the accomplishment of goals which are tied directly to each employee’s job function and growth, and the goals of the organization as a whole.

Our system creates a sensible, efficient, and straightforward process that advances trust and promotes a positive work environment. The process for each individual takes only minutes, so it doesn’t detract from time for doing business.

Our system promotes immediate improvements in productivity, accountability, and loyalty. It is “employee-focused” and “employee-driven.”

Our system also helps eliminate opportunities for employee claims of retaliation by supervisors – a welcome relief for supervisors.

Let us help your business develop a real performance management system that you can trust to produce positive supervisor and employee feedback, immediate benefits, and measurable value.

Getting started is affordable and easy. We help introduce the program, provide customized easy-to-use forms, and train supervisors and employees on their roles in the process.

Contact us today at (858) 753-1775 or contact me at jillian@lmrcenter.com. You’ll be glad you did – and so will everyone at your business or organization.