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Law & Management Resource Center

The Law & Management Resource Center (LMRC) is a business and employment law, human resource, and business management consulting and training firm. The focus of our firm is helping businesses grow and succeed while minimizing their legal risks and building productive, dedicated workforces.

LMRC works with business owners, executives, supervisors, managers, and human resource professionals to prepare them to succeed in properly managing business and employment related issues. This helps prevent costly lawsuits that can threaten the profitability and reputation of a business or organization – and the careers of its leaders.

LMRC is unique in that our approach and the information and counseling we provide stem from a composite of experience in litigation, business consulting, human resources, and education. This experience allows us to understand the business side, as well as the legal side, of workplace issues and business management concerns. The educational backgrounds of our consultants, including juris doctor (JD), MBA, Master in Education Administration, and the specialized field of Human Complex Systems, enable us to develop and offer especially beneficial training programs on topics relating to business and employment law, human resources, and business management. We provide practical business solutions that take into consideration both legal compliance and business realities and our programs provide clear information and strategies that can be used in the workplace on a daily basis. Through dedicated service, we succeed by helping our clients succeed in properly managing their workforces.

We provide the following products/services at affordable rates:

Annual Consultation Plan for Employment Law, Human Resources, and Business Management – Clients can contact our licensed California attorneys and business consultants as often as they need to throughout the year with no hourly fees and no time limitations. Plans start as low as $1,500 per year (only $125 per month). Complying with the myriad of laws with which California businesses must comply is not an easy feat for even the savviest of employers. Our services are perfect for employers that do not have an attorney on staff, employers operating without the benefit of an experienced HR professional, and businesses and organizations that employ one or more experienced HR professionals who recognize the value of having attorneys regularly available to them to help them succeed in developing and managing compliant policies;

Training – A lack of quality training can lead to ineffective management, inefficient operations, and even false claims against a business. Our training programs are provided by qualified trainers and can be conducted at our location or on-site at client locations with curriculums customized to meet client needs. We offer a variety of programs on a wide number of topics. Our affordable management certificate program includes segments on employment law for supervisors, preventing harassment and discrimination in the workplace, leadership and management, effective communication skills, policy-making and decision support systems and effective strategies for conflict resolution. Managers who complete the program learn effective leadership and management skills and strategies that can be used in the workplace on a daily basis. We also have online and mobile training programs including preventing harassment and discrimination in the workplace, performance management, personality and predilection for duplicity, marketing your business, and presenting in a professional and confident manner.

Networking and Informational Events – Our networking and informational events are a way for individuals and businesses to make valuable connections, receive helpful tips, information, and news, and be invited to special presentations by reputable industry professionals. Our three events groups are Human Resources, Business Management, and Presentation Skills.

Document Review and Drafting Services – We review and draft employment and business related documents, policies, and forms (e.g., business contracts, confidentiality agreements, trade secret agreements, independent contractor agreements, employment applications, employment agreements, severance agreements, and separation agreements). We also offer a wide range of employee handbook services and products, including our affordable do-it-yourself employee handbook templates through which clients can create their own compliant handbook. Our attorneys are available for consultation on best practices and also review and draft custom handbooks for clients.

HR Department Set-Up and Management – We can assist in managing a human resource department or provide intermittent assistance. Businesses that are too small to employ a full-time human resource professional and businesses considering adding to their HR staff can find us to be a much more cost effective option than hiring an employee.

Business Management and Project Development Services – Developing an effective business plan and having the right people and tools to grow and properly manage a business are vital to success.  Our business management and project development services are directed at encouraging strategic growth and development.

For more information, contact Jillian Bruni, MBA, Director, Business and Program Development at jillian@lmrcenter.com or 858-376-7737, or visit Law & Management Resource Center at https://lmrcenter.com.

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The materials contained in this blog are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. For complete information and advice about a particular issue, problem or situation, viewer should contact an attorney of their choice. The use of and access to this blog does not create an attorney-client relationship between the Law & Management Resource Center and the viewer. 

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