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Happy Holidays!


Our best to you and yours during this holiday season!
From the Team at the Law and Management Resource Center

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San Diego HR Roundtable – March 25

Human Resources and Management Group – Lunch and Learn Roundtable

March 25, 2015 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. (Networking from 11:30 to Noon)

We received extremely favorable feedback about the first meeting of this new group! Our thanks for the participation of attendees and to Senior Deputy Labor Commissioner Linda Aguilar for staying until after 2:00 p.m. to answer questions! We look forward to seeing those who attended once again. And, for those who missed the first meeting, we hope to welcome you on March 25th.

Sr. Dep. Labor Commissioner Linda Aguilar of the DLSE (Division of Labor Standards Enforcement) will again provide an informative presentation during lunch. The DLSE is the state agency that adjudicates claims filed by the employees against employers for wages, investigates discrimination complaints, and enforces labor laws and wage orders.


  • human resource professionals,
  • managers and supervisors,
  • executives and small business owners, and
  • anyone responsible for administration of employment related matters.


LOCATION: Bernardo Heights Country Club – 16066 Bernardo Heights Parkway, San Diego


REGISTRATION: $45 per person

To register, complete the form located here on our Events Page or call us at (858) 753-1775.


January Newsletter

human resources information, employment law information, business management information

Your Law and Management Resource Center January 2015 Newsletter is now available! Click here to view: Newsletter_LMRC_01_2015_.

The following is included in our January newsletter:

  • Information on our new Human Resources and Management Group and how to join;
  • Details about our first event of the year and how to register – February 18th;
  • Information about the new wage theft protection act notice now available;
  • Information about our new Premier Provider Program and how to join;
  • 20+ new laws in 2015;
  • Discount for employee handbooks;
  • 5 tips for effective presentations and confidence in public speaking;
  • Fun knowledge quiz to see what you know;
  • Information on how to have an effective performance management system and how you; can let us help you; and
  • Information on your new 2015 training requirements – supervisor training.

Please feel free to share it with others who may be interested!

Modern Marketing

instant app coder, app development, modern marketing, business apps, cheap apps, modern advertising

In today’s world of ever-changing technology, it’s vital to keep every aspect of your business modern and up-to-date. Technology doesn’t just affect your products and services, but also your marketing and how you connect to current and potential clients.

For those looking to modernize, mobilize, and establish long-term relationships with potential and current clients (this should be all of you!), we have developed a collaborative relationship with Instant App Coder as part of our business management services.

Instant App Coder develops apps for business who want to increase their client base, increase their visibility on the web, and increase their revenue while they sleep. Apps are a modern and innovative way for you to market your business to millions of people throughout the world and reach your target market easier than ever. As more and more people use their smartphone as their primary source of internet access, having a mobile presence is quickly becoming a mandatory practice.  Apps can also leverage important features like GPS and push notifications, which instantly notify customers of promotions and discounts. Not only that, but mobile apps have a HUGE impact on SEO.  Apps are indexed on thousands of webpages across the world and link back to your business website. This link-back effect significantly boosts your ranking in search engines and can push your website, and the app itself, to the top of the search results. In addition, Instant App Coder‘s team of in-house graphic designers can make you look your best and stand out over your competition for much less than you may think!

Apps can include but are not limited to the following information:

  • About Your Business: information, services, products (e.g., catalogues, menus), etc.;
  • Contact: address on an expandable map that pinpoints your location, gives directions, and allows people to call and email directly with just one touch;
  • Promotions: upcoming promotions (e.g., discounts, coupons) loaded automatically from your website;
  • Customer Loyalty Program: keeps customer retention high;
  • Sharing: allows customers to actually advertise for you and refer their friends and family by easily posting on their Facebook timeline that they used your business;
  • Referral Program: Connected to Facebook posts;
  • Resources: informational documents, forms, etc.; and
  • Rating: customers are prompted to rate the app, whereby good ratings can help increase your SEO.​

An app including all 8 of the above normally costs only $599 but if you contact us at or fill out the form at by January 23, 2015 and use the Promo Code IACLMRC1, you can receive a 10% discount and get your app for only $539!

Harassment Prevention Training – New 2015 Requirements and Our Discounted Options



Pre-Register for Training and Receive a 20% Discount!

All Employers and All Employees – All employers are required to take reasonable steps to prevent harassment in the workplace and harassment prevention training for all employees is recommended for all employers to establish compliance with this legal requirement.

Mandated Supervisor Training – Businesses with 50 or more employees must meet additional requirements with regard to the scheduling and type of training provided to supervisors. These businesses are legally required to provide all supervisors with at least two hours of harassment prevention training every two years and all new and newly promoted supervisors must receive this training within six months of hire or promotion. This training must also meet specific legal requirements and be provided by qualified instructors.

Abusive Conduct Prevention Training Starting in 2015 – In addition to the specifically mandated training certain supervisors are required to receive with regard to sexual harassment prevention, training on the prevention of “abusive conduct” must be provided starting in 2015. For purposes of this law (AB 2053), abusive conduct includes conduct that a reasonable person would find to be “hostile, offensive and unrelated to an employer’s legitimate business interests.” 2015 is a training year for many employers and training to prevent abusive conduct in the workplace must now be provided.

We offer a variety of affordable training options.

On-Site Training – Many employers may wish to continue to take advantage of our highly praised on-site training where our attorneys come to you. Here’s a sample of the reviews we have received on this training:  

“You have developed some raving fans after your Sexual Harassment Prevention Training seminar this morning. I can’t even begin to tell you what a tremendous presentation it was. Others have stopped by all morning to tell me how impressed they were… you did a fantastic job of explaining the history and reasons for the various laws in a very informative way… your stories and  personal experiences were a tremendous help in putting it into perspective and applying it to everyday situations… I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a job well done.”
Cary Mathis, Vice President/CFO, King Schools

We charge a single flat affordable fee for this training – and because there are no per person charges, we encourage employers to have all employees attend this training. Harassment in the workplace is a serious concern for all employers, and providing training to all employees can help establish that all reasonable steps were taken to prevent it.

Local Presentations – Our attorneys provide training on a regular basis at locations near you. Contact us for information about upcoming presentations.

NEW Online Training – Our new online training programs are perfect for employers who wish to establish and communicate clear policies prohibiting harassment and abusive conduct in the workplace. Training programs suitable for new hires, all employees, and supervisors are available. Our new program will be available starting in 2015!

If you pre-register by November 20, 2014, you will receive a 20% discount.

Contact Jillian Bruni, MBA at or 858-753-1775 for more information and pricing or register at

Coming in 2015… Online Training and Apps

online training            apps

Coming in 2015…

Starting in 2015, we will have several new online and mobile training programs including Preventing Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace, Performance Management, Personality and Predilection for Duplicity, Marketing Your Business, and Presenting in a Professional and Confident Manner. For your convenience, such programs will be available on our website and on the iTunes App Store as apps for phones and tablets. To check out our programs and events, visit our website at and contact Jillian Bruni, MBA at or 858-753-1775.

Play Games, Get Discounts, Save Money!

save money

Find the answers to business management, human resources, business and employment law questions in the game below. Some answers can be found on our website at Everyone who emails with all of the correct answers will receive a 10% discount on each product/service purchased/enrolled in within one week of notification of answering correctly*. Don’t wait, offer expires August 22, 2014!

1) Fill in the Blanks: Law & Management Resource Center’s _______________ _______________ coaching helps business professionals become more confident and effective in communicating information.

2) Fill in the Blanks: Law & Management Resource Center’s employee handbook templates can be used to create your employee handbook based on your organization’s _______________ _______________ and _______________.

3) True or False: Law & Management Resource Center’s on-site training can be customized to meet the needs of your business, foster communication, and strengthen teamwork among employees.

4) True or False: In July 2014, the San Diego City Council voted to steadily increase minimum wage to $11.50 an hour in 2017.

5) Puzzle: Click on the image below and find the name of a business management, human resources, business and employment law firm who’s staff has educational backgrounds including juris doctor (JD), MBA, Master in Education Administration, and the specialized field of Human Complex Systems:


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*applies to new product/service contracts only