Affordable Online Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Training in California

Do You Know Who California Employers Trust for 

Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Training?

We Do . . . Because They Tell Us . . . It’s US!

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San Diego’s “Go-To” Trainers for Those Seeking to 

Prevent Harassment and All Forms of Discrimination

For years, employers recognizing that a positive work environment promotes enhanced morale and increased productivity have been taking advantage of LMRC’s training to help their employees prevent harassment, discrimination and bullying.

Now, You Can Take Advantage of Our “Buy 1 – Get 1 Free” Discount!

Only $11 per Employee and $21 per Supervisor!

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The Benefits of Our Online Training:

  • Accessible via computer, tablet and smartphone 24/7 from anywhere with internet access.
  • Individuals can complete training at their own pace.
  • Start, pause and pick-up where stopped feature included.
  • Completion of training is tracked for employers.
  • Certification – both attendees and employers receive certificates of completion demonstrating compliance with the law
  • Qualified Trainers – our training was developed by our own experienced, in-house California employment law attorneys and professional educators who meet the legal trainer requirements.

Take Advantage of this Great Deal before it Expires on June 26, 2020

Employee (non-supervisor) 1-Hour Training – 2 for $22 = only $11 per person

Supervisor 2-Hour Training – 2 for $42 = only $21 per person

Buy extra programs now at discounted cost and save for use later!


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The Law and Management Resource Center (LMRC) is an employment law, human resource and business management consulting and training firm. LMRC works with human resource professionals and businesses and organizations of all sizes and industries. LMRC offers affordable annual consultation plans, training (including harassment prevention, employment law, management skills, interviewing and presentation skills), document drafting and review (including employee handbooks, contracts, forms and policies) and hourly and project-based HR department and business management services.

Discounts Expire June 26, 2020

Contact us at or (858) 376-7737.

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