What are the Requirements for Harassment Prevention Training in California 2019

Every Business with 5 or More Employees Must Provide Harassment Prevention Training in 2019 to All Staff

But That’s Not All…

California’s Requirements for Harassment Prevention Training in 2019 and Who Can Provide Your Training

The New Law: Effective January 1, 2019, all employees and supervisors working at a business with 5 or more employees must complete harassment prevention training as follows. (Note: Employers must provide harassment prevention training to all supervisors and all employees in 2019 – including anyone who completed training in 2018 or before.)

  • Employees (non-supervisors) – must receive at least one hour of training within six (6) months of assuming duties and every two (2) years thereafter.
  • Supervisors – must receive at least two hours of training within six (6) months of assuming duties as a supervisor and every two (2) years thereafter.
  • Trainer and Content Requirements – the training must be provided by a qualified trainer as defined by the regulations and the content and delivery of the program must meet specific requirements.

LMRC’s Affordable, Easy Options – BEST pricing available!

  1. June 26th is Training Day!
  • Both a one-hour and a two-hour session will be provided at the Poway-San Diego Hampton Inn & Suites – both programs will start at 11:30 a.m.
  • Lunch will be provided
  • Extra Bonus: Every business that registers 3 or more individuals will receive a free copy of the Law and Management Resource Center’s Employment Law SmartGuide – a quick resource guide for business owners, HR professionals, supervisors and all employees.
  1. Online Training – Training Can be Accessed via Computer, SmartPhone and Tablet
  • Individuals can complete training at their own pace – when and where they want.
  • Individuals can start, take a break from training and then pick up where they left off.
  • Training is automatically tracked for proof of completion.
  • Attendees and their employer receive a certificate of completion.
  1. On-Site Training
  • LMRC’s attorneys come to your workplace.
  • Employers can pay one affordable price to train an entire workforce.
  • Employees learn together in their own workplace.
  • Some employees prefer in-person training over computer-based learning.

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What Makes Us San Diego’s “Go-To” Trainers?

The benefits of training from the Law and Management Resource Center:

  • Qualified trainers – developed by experienced California attorneys and professional educators who are part of the very narrow group of individuals who meet the trainer requirements;
  • Best pricing – effective training at an affordable price;
  • Recognized expert training – for years, California employers seeking to prevent harassment in their workplaces have retained the services of LMRC. Trust your training to the best!

Get Training from San Diego’s Premier Harassment Prevention Training Team!

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