Harassment Prevention Training Included in Our Services


It’s All Included!

Employment Law and Human Resources Consultation – all year long!

Harassment Prevention Training – online and on-site training for ALL EMPLOYEES (all supervisors and all non-supervisors) allows clients to meet the new legal requirements. Businesses with five or more employees are required to provide training in 2019. Our online training programs can be accessed by smartphone, computer or tablet.

Employee Handbook – clients receive an up-to-date, legally compliant handbook each year of service.

Get it All at an Affordable Price –

Our Platinum Package Plan Starts at Just $249 per Month!

Why Is Our Platinum Package So Popular?

Trusted Information –– Legal Training Requirements Met –– Reduced Risks

You can trust the information your business receives – because we’re qualified to provide it! And, clients can contact us as often as they need to – with no hourly fees and no time limits – for the entire year!

– Our employment law and human resource services are provided by experienced in-house, California licensed attorneys who are also experienced human resource professionals.

– Help with business management needs is fulfilled with the additional expertise and knowledge of an MBA consultant.

Of Course, It’s Nice to Know What Our Clients Say, Too!

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Click here to learn more about us at Law & Management Resource Center: LMRC Website.

For complete details or a quote for your business, click here: Contact. Or, call us toll-free at (833) 753-1775 today.

New Harassment Prevention Training Requirements – All Business with 5 or More Employees Must Provide Training

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