New Law for Harassment Prevention Training in California – You Need it Too!

Any Business With 5 or More Employees Needs to Provide Sexual Harassment Prevention Training to All Employees

You may have heard that a new California law will soon require all employers with five or more employees to provide sexual harassment prevention training to ALL employees – both supervisors and non-supervisors – by January 1, 2020.


What Does the New Law Require?

  • Non-Supervisors – at least one hour of training starting within six months of assumption of duties and every two years thereafter
  • Supervisors – at least two hours of training within six months of assuming duties as a supervisor and every two years thereafter
  • Temporary and seasonal employees must receive training within 30 calendar days of their hire date or 100 hours worked – whichever occurs earlier

What Should You Do Now?

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Why Is Our Platinum Package So Popular?

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