Test Your Knowledge March 8, 2017

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Check your answers below.

  1. All employees who have worked in California for the same employer for ____ or more days within a year from commencement of employment are entitled to paid sick leave.
  2. Family Medical Leave (FMLA) provides an eligible employee with up to ____ weeks of time off due to a qualifying exigency.
  3. How many hours of reporting time pay is owed to a California employee who reports to work, is scheduled to work 10 hours, but is not put to work?
  4. Tips paid by a patron using a credit card must be paid to a California employee no later than the next regular ________.
  5. California employers ______ require an employee who identifies as transgender to use a unisex single occupant restroom located with the employer’s workplace.
  6. California employers that employ ______ or more individuals must provide military spouse leave.
  7. A California employer that employs ________ or more individuals must provide civil air patrol leave to eligible employees.
  8. A California employer must keep records that document the number of hours an employee worked, the number of paid sick days accrued and the number of paid sick days used for at least ____ years.
  9. An employer must notify an employee of his/her eligibility to take Family Medical Leave (FMLA/CFRA) within ____ business days.
  10. California employers of 15 or more employees are required to provide an employee who is donating an organ with up to 30 business days off from work _____ pay over the course of a one-year period which commences on the employee’s first day of absence for this purpose.

A. without

B. shift

C. 50%

D. 50

E. can

F. 5

G. 25

H. 30

I. 20

J. 3

K. payday

L. cannot

M. 12

N. 4

O. 16

P. 2

Q. with

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  1. H
  2. M
  3. N
  4. K
  5. L
  6. G
  7. O
  8. J
  9. F
  10. Q

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