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What a Multi-Generational Workforce Means for Your Workplace and How to Deal With It

generation gap workplace

In recent years, the workforce has changed significantly. Millennials are steadily joining the force while Baby Boomers are not so steadily leaving – and things don’t seem like they’ll be changing anytime soon.

What does this mean for today’s workplace?

Conversations like these can be heard in many a workplace:


“How can that new guy think it is okay take off work for personal matters so frequently?”

“I know. Did someone forget to tell him he’s not the owner?”


“I can’t believe how these young employees don’t seem to understand how to communicate in the workplace! I receive emails from them that don’t have complete words and sentences all the time. Do they think they are texting a friend?”

“And forget about expecting them to call in or answer a phone call. They don’t know how to use a phone as a phone!”


“I’m tired of training new employees who don’t plan on being here very long. Why should I devote time to mentoring someone who is just using this job as a stepping stone to get somewhere else? It’s a waste of my time.”

“I know exactly what you mean. There’s no dedication to a boss or employer, so why try to teach them stuff that we worked hard to learn. Half of them don’t even seem to want the job they have. It’s like they are just putting in time to get enough money for their rent since they couldn’t get a job they like or think they should have gotten.

“You can’t blame them to a certain degree, though. Some of them have debt up to their ears and no real hopes of buying a home around here they’ve gotten so expensive, so I guess they’re just kind of living day to day.


“I’m so tired of my boss acting like she needs to monitor everything I do. It’s like she doesn’t think I can think on my own and she needs to watch my every move. Why can’t she just tell me what she needs me to do and then just let me do it on my own?”

“I know, it’s like they don’t know we have degrees in this stuff!

Understanding differences and adaptability is the key to creating a positive work environment and managing a steady and productive workplace. It is important to recognize the differences among individuals of different generations and how to best manage individuals who exhibit different approaches to work, communication and work-life balance. It’s also important to assist employees in learning to understand the differences among co-workers and help them learn to value how those differences can be beneficial to everyone in the workplace.

We can help!

We provide training programs that help supervisors learn to effectively manage different types of workers. It can be a real challenge, but there are techniques that can help! We also provide training programs that help get employees learn to value today’s diverse workplace and appreciate the differences among those with whom they work.

As the workforce continues to expand generationally, concerns about how to make your workplace a great environment for each employee will likely arise more and more, especially upon the hiring of new employees. For help with these challenges and many more, please contact us at (858) 753-1775 or





Sexual Harassment Prevention Training 20% Discount

sexual harassment training,

Roses are red.

Violets are blue.

Romance is in the air.

Is it in your workplace, too?


Did you know that studies have shown nearly 50% of workers have had an “office romance?”

Many others have thought about it, but never acted on it or faced rejection.

So, yes, romance could be in the air.

Not all workplace romances cause problems, but just as any romantic relationship can present complications, romance in the workplace can do just that – complicate things. The challenges workplace romance can present are indeed serious.

  • Should employees who are romantically involved be permitted to work together on projects?
  • What if one person supervises the other? Should the supervisorial work relationship be permitted to continue?
  • What options do employers have in addressing workplace romance?
  • What performance issues and other implications can workplace romance cause?
  • What will happen if other employees suspect favoritism or resent what they consider to be displays of affection?
  • And, of course, there is the big question of what happens if the relationship comes to an end? Should the employees be separated? Can the role of an employee be changed?
  • What happens if a claim for sexual harassment is filed? Who can be held liable? Can the employer be held liable? Could supervisors and other employees face liability?

Concerns about workplace sexual harassment are not new. In 1991, televised coverage of Anita Hill’s testimony relating to her claim of sexual harassment against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas during confirmation hearings on his nomination to the Supreme Court brought the topic of workplace harassment into the homes of virtually all Americans.

Many businesses are required to complete sexual harassment prevention training in 2017. Because we know love could be in the air, this is a good time to provide this training – too all employees.

To help your business meet its training requirements, we are offering a 20% discount on the cost of all training booked this week.

The Law and Management Resource Center strives to assist businesses by providing affordable training and helping in the following ways:

  • Employees will learn what types of behavior can cause them to be accused of harassment.
  • Supervisors will learn their overall responsibilities to help prevent workplace harassment.
  • Employees will learn what to do if they are accused of harassment.
  • And, employers will learn what to do if someone complains of harassment or suspicions of harassment arise.

Our highly praised, affordable Harassment Prevention Training is available both online and in person for supervisors and all employees. It is provided by our experienced employment law attorneys who are also human resource professionals and meets all California requirements.

Schedule your training and receive a 20% discount by registering before February 17th. Contact us today at (858) 753-1775 or

IRS Alert – Scam Targeting Human Resource and Payroll Departments

cybercrime in the workplace


Cyber Scam Targeting Human Resource and Payroll Departments

Human resource and payroll departments are being targeted and tricked into disclosing employee information. This employee information is then being used to file false tax returns to obtain tax refund monies.

Don’t be the next victim. Review the alert here: IRS Alert

About the Law and Management Resource Center

The Law and Management Resource Center provides affordable employment law and human resource consultation, reviews and drafts employer documents, policies and employee handbooks, provides effective harassment and abusive conduct prevention training, and more.

Contact us today! For more information, contact Jillian Bruin, MBA, Director, Business and Program Development, at or (858) 753-1775.

Learn How to Keep Your Confidential Information Confidential

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New Challenges: Keeping Confidential Information Confidential

Personnel Records Personal and

Private Data Private

February 23, 2017

Luncheon and Presentation – Noon to 1:30 p.m.
(Check-In and Networking – 11:30 a.m. to Noon)

Homeland Security Investigations (HSI)

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Program: Cyberattacks and the theft of confidential personal, employee, customer and business information are some of the most important issues facing businesses of all sizes and industries, employees who must provide private information to their employers and individuals everywhere.

Those tasked with keeping confidential information in the workplace confidential are facing harrowing new invisible threats. It’s no longer just a matter of having a secure cabinet, lock and key – and it’s a tough, tough job.

The Department of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) enforces a diverse array of federal statutes that affect the workplace and its special agents are armed with critical information about:
• cyberattacks – current risks and the newest trends in threats;
• surprising ways information is being stolen and used; and
• what you can do today to help protect your personal information and the confidential information of your business, employees and customers.

Who Should Attend:
• human resource and payroll professionals;
• business owners, executives, supervisors and managers;
• IT professionals;
• individuals responsible for protecting information; and
• everyone interested in learning how to protect information in a digital society.

Where: San Diego-Poway Hampton Inn and Suites – (corner of Scripps Poway Parkway and Stowe Dr. at 14068 Stowe Drive, Poway)

Cost (includes lunch): $55/person (LMRC Ambassadors receive a $10 discount off of these prices)

Receive Required SHRM and HRCI Credits! The Law and Management Resource Center is recognized by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) as a Recertification Provider for Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for the SHRM-CPSM and SHRM-SCPSM credentials, which means you can receive required SHRM and HRCI credits and maintain your credentials by attending our programs.

Please feel free to pass this invitation along to others who may be interested in attending!

Register here today: Upcoming Events Page

This program is co-sponsored by the
Poway Business Park Association
San Diego-Poway Hampton Inn & Suites.

Let the Law and Management Resource Center help you ensure your business is in compliance. We provide affordable employment law and human resource consultation, review and draft employer documents, policies, and employee handbooks, and provide effective harassment and abusive conduct prevention training.

Contact us for a quote today! For more information, contact Jillian Bruin, MBA, Director, Business and Program Development, at or (858) 753-1775.

Test Your Knowledge February 2, 2017

human resource, HR, employment law


  1. California employers must not record an employment applicant’s interview without the express consent of the applicant, regardless of whether the interview is conducted in person, online, or via telephone or video.
  2. While employers are required to itemize “wages earned” on employee pay stubs, the monetary value of accrued paid vacation time is not required to be included unless and until accrued vacation time is paid out upon termination of the employment relationship.
  3. A range of motion test that measures motor function and muscle strength is not considered a medical test.


  1. True
  2. True
  3. False

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