Employee Handbook Update for 2016

employee handbook

What You Should Know…

If your business has not updated its employee handbook within the past year, it probably doesn’t inform employees at your workplace about important rights to which they are entitled. That’s a problem.

An out of date handbook which is not legally compliant is a liability to a business. Each business should maintain an employee handbook that strategically and properly aligns the business and management practices of the employer with federal law and the ever-changing laws of California.

A stack of documents and policies simply doesn’t cut it. Each employee should receive a copy of the employee handbook. And, in order for a business to protect itself, each employee should be required to acknowledge in writing that he or she has read the employee handbook, understands the contents of the handbook, and understands that it is his/her responsibility to comply with the policies and procedures set forth in the handbook.

A well-constructed employee handbook provides important guidance to employees. It informs employees of the rules, processes, and regulations that exist within the particular workplace, and provides clear information about performance expectations and requirements. If employees understand what is expected, they are more likely to meet expectations.

What You Can Do…

Let our staff of attorneys help – our services are affordable for every size business and we do all the work!

If your business currently has a handbook, all you have to do is send us a copy and we’ll make the necessary changes to make sure your business is up-to-date and legally compliant. Our attorneys will review and revise your current handbook to ensure that required policies are included and that policies are properly worded. If our attorneys determine it to be in the best interests of your business to have a new handbook created, a new version of the current handbook is provided – at no extra cost!

If your business does not have an employee handbook, no problem! Our attorneys will create one based on answers provided to a simple questionnaire that takes only minutes to complete.

We also offer supervisor and employee training on the contents of employee handbooks.

Get Started Today!

For a quote for services or more information, please contact Jillian Bruni, MBA, at jillian@lmrcenter.com or 858-753-1775.