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June Newsletter

If you haven’t yet, don’t forget to check out your Law and Management Resource Center June 2015 Newsletter. It can be accessed by clicking the following links to visit our Who We Are/Our Business, Services/Benefits, and Event Registration.

In This Issue:
LMRC Clubhouse Lunch & Learn on June 18 – pg. 1
LMRC Recognized as SHRM Preferred Provider – pg. 1
LMRC Clubhouse Breakfast Program – Abusive Lawsuits, July 9 – pg. 1
LMRC Clubhouse Lunch and Learn – Independent Contractor or Employee, July 22 – pg. 2
Become an LMRC Ambassador – pg. 2
LMRC Ambassador Profile: Beverly Reed, Biospherical Instruments Inc. – pg. 3
CFRA Amendments Effective July 1st – pg. 3
LMRC Employment Law All Star League Challenge – pg. 6
Adverse Employment Action during Leave of Absence – pg. 7
Pending Legislation – pg. 8

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