Human Resource San Diego Roundtable

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The topic for this month’s Human Resource Roundtable meeting is California’s new sick leave provisions for employees. The new law is more complex than some expected, and ambiguities remain the subject of conversation. Many already providing paid sick time and/or PTO/vacation to employees may not be aware of all of the subtleties contained in this new law and how current policies may be impacted. Those responsible for the development of employer policies, the administration of employee benefits, and supervising employees need to be aware of these subtleties. The DLSE will be enforcing this new law, and the penalties for non-compliance are stiff. If you have not yet registered to attend the program on Wednesday, but wish to attend, there is still time register.
Linda Aguilar, Senior Deputy Labor Commissioner of the San Diego office of the DLSE, will provide information about the new law and answers to questions on topics such as:
  • Employer options for compliance;
  • How to properly implement new policies in accordance with the new law;
  • Impact on current policies on sick time, vacation time, and PTO;
  • What employers can and can’t do to regulate time off;
  • Usage for diagnosis, care, and treatment of an existing condition, as well as for preventive care;
  • Definition of “family members” and how much time can be taken for the diagnosis, care, and treatment of a family member’s existing condition, as well as for preventive care for a family member;
  • Notice, recordkeeping, and posting requirements;
  • Restrictions on asking for medical provider certification to verify need for absence;
  • How the new law may impact disciplinary policies regarding excessive absences;
  • How to pay employees who take sick time – how much and when;
  • How the new law may interact with other benefits, leaves, and policies, including FMLA/CFRA, Kin Care, State Disability Insurance, and Paid Family Leave; and
  • Rebuttable presumption of unlawful retaliation and penalties for non-compliance.
Handouts will be provided and, as always, Commissioner Aguilar will answer questions on other subjects, too.
The program will be held at Bernardo Heights Country Club, located in Rancho Bernardo at 16066 Bernardo Heights Parkway. The cost is just $45 per person and lunch is included.We have scheduled some time for networking from 11:30 to noon in order for attendees to get to know others. Lunch and the presentation are scheduled to commence at noon.
If you would like to register, please complete the form on the Event Registration page of our website by clicking here: Register.