Last Days – Take Advantage of Special Pricing on Employee Handbook Drafting and Updates

We Know…
Putting an employee handbook together is a REALLY BIG JOB. And, making certain all required policies are included and properly worded is an even BIGGER JOB!

Drafting or Updating a Handbook
Can Make a Person Feel Like This…

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But, Our Handbook Services Can
Change That Person to This…

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Who Would the Employees at Your Business Rather Work With?

Employee Handbook Drafting and Review
Only $850 during Month of January

Do you know that your business can have an up to date, legally compliant handbook for just $850? And, our attorneys do all of the work!

If a client has a current handbook, all the client has to do is send us a copy of the current handbook and let us know about any requested changes. Our attorneys do the rest! They review and revise the current handbook to ensure that required policies are included and that policies are properly worded. If our attorneys determine it to be in the best interests of the client to have a new handbook format, a new version of the current handbook is provided at no extra cost.

If a client does not have a current handbook, no problem! Our attorneys will create one based on answers provided to a simple questionnaire that takes only minutes to complete. We also offer supervisor and employee training on the contents of employee handbooks.

Contact us before the end of day Friday, January 30, 2015 at (858) 753-1775 or to secure your discount!

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