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Presentation Skills Coaching San Diego 20% Discount – Don’t Wait, Sign-up by December 19!

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Don’t let this great deal for Presentation Skills Coaching in San Diego pass you by!

It’s time to get over your fears! The Law & Management Resource Center can help you become a more professional and confident presenter. Our presentation skills coaching can help you look and feel more confident in any situation, whether your audience is small or large. It’s not only helpful for traditional public speaking engagements, but also for interviews, meetings, marketing and sales pitches, even social engagements. There will be countless times in your life when our presentation skills coaching can come in handy, don’t miss out!

All coaching is provided by a highly educated, qualified, and experienced MBA consultant who has received numerous accolades for both presentations and presentation coaching.

Coaching services include:
  • evaluation and coaching of public speaking;
  • creation or review of written and visual aids (e.g., PowerPoint slides); and
  • development and evaluation of mock (practice) presentations.

Coaching can be provided as part of a comprehensive plan or on individual projects. Normally, coaching starts at as little as $149.99 per hour, but if you enroll by December 19, 2014, you will receive a 20% discount! That means you can receive presentation skills coaching for as little as $119.99!

In addition, if you enroll by December 19, 2014, you can choose to also receive our step-by-step Presentation Skills: An Essential Guide to Public Speaking for only an additional $19.95! This 12 step guide includes helpful information, 32 examples, techniques, and quick tips. It’s a great tool for anyone to use both for preparation in advance of a presentation and as a quick reference right before a presentation or sales pitch. This guide is especially perfect for supervisors, managers, and anyone in marketing and sales.

For more information and to enroll, email Jillian Bruni, MBA at or call 858-753-1775. Don’t wait, take advantage of this special offer!